Among construction management companies, we pride ourselves on our uniqueness. Part of that uniqueness is our comprehensive suite of construction management services.

We provide valuable technical support throughout your project timeline. The objective is to help you create value and ensure safety, as well as aligning project delivery to your construction and financial goals.

We can provide planning, management, and construction management services at each stage of your project. Our objective is to help you complete the construction project within the triple constraints of time, quality, and costs. We will help set realistic goals, providing the experience of our construction management team.

We have the experience and knowledge you require at every stage of construction:

  • Design

Architect/engineering services to assess project feasibility and consider regulations and codes of building. Our services include helping clients to select the design that will maximize efficiency and constructibility of the project schematic designs and research of materials, equipment, and costs.

  • Pre-construction

A contractor is selected and paired with the project team, administrator, project manager, field engineer, and superintendent. We help prepare for construction.

  • Procurement

We source all that is needed for the project to be completed, including, where possible and feasible, using local suppliers and vendors.

  • Construction

Construction project management includes maintaining the momentum of the build from start through to completion. The site will be secured, materials and handling plans will be developed, health and safety plans put in place, and so on.

  • Commissioning

When construction has been completed, the commissioning stage begins. Systems and equipment must be tested and the owner’s personal must be trained in the operation and maintenance of the building’s systems.

  • Owner occupancy

The warranty period starts when the owner moves in. This may be an express warranty or implied warranty from the contractor. The warranty is designed to ensure that all quality expectations as laid out in the contract are met, and we will return to site as many times as is needed to address any issues relating to contractor warranty.

  • Closeout

We coordinate the completion of remaining contractual obligations and training to the maintenance department during closeout. Aa post-project review is conducted, lessons-learned are documented and a project completion report is prepared.

Our Specializations

Our core team has around eight decades of experience in construction project management, and we specialize in projects across the following sectors:

  • Local/Federal Government

  • Public Housing

  • Energy and Conservation

  • Education and School Construction

  • Transportation

  • Hospitality and Lodging

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