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Construction management firm in Newark, NJ

School Construction Management

We understand the scheduling limitations and safety needs for school construction.

Public Housing

We care about the community which we're serving, helping with both renovations and new construction.

Transportation, Hospitality, and More

We help keep your projects on schedule, cost effective, and meeting quality standards.

A Team That Truly Cares

We are a multi-faceted team, dedicated to providing exceptional service across our areas of expertise:

  • Construction Project Management
  • Construction Site Management
  • Construction Program Management
  • Owner Representation Services

We work mostly with public sector agencies, successfully taking projects from pre-development management to project close-out. How do we do this?

We understand that your success depends on the experience and knowledge of the individuals and teams you work with. It also relies on a truly collaborative approach in which we work with you as guiding partner, orchestrating the coordination of efficient and timely completion of your construction project – at all stages of need.

We help you build better communities, one project at a time, offering the dedicated service of which only a boutique construction management company is capable.

ACB Consulting Team Photo

Together, our core specialized team has around eight decades of construction project experience. This is yours to benefit from in projects that include:

  • Local/Federal Government
  • Public Housing
  • Energy and Conservation
  • Education and School Construction
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality and Lodging

For a flavor of the many benefits that we have delivered to our clients, please feel free to review our case studies that include a few client testimonials.